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Canadian Manufacturing Coalition

The CMC is chaired by Dr. Jayson Myers, President and CEO, Canadian Manufacturing &Exporters.  The coalition continues to grow and now represents 51 associations from a variety of industry sectors with members from across Canada.  The Canadian Foundry Association is a member of the CMC and provides a voice and representation of the foundry sector. 


The focus continues to be to develop and support policy and regulatory initiatives aimed at improving competitiveness, growth and investment in Canada’s manufacturing industries with a common voice.  CMC has been instrumental in affecting policies in support of manufacturing because we work effectively together and speak where possible with a common voice.  By leveraging our strengths we will continue to make Canada a better place for our members to do business. 


Coalition of Ontario Manufacturers for Competitive Industrial Power Rates

The Coalitions represents a group of manufacturing associations that have come together to work on a common concern:  High Electricity Rates.   For many energy-intensive manufacturers, high electricity rates have become a barrier to reinvestment in Ontario.  The Coalition believes the high rates have weakened the province’s competitive position and narrowed its economic base.  Ontario is losing its manufacturing base to other jurisdictions that can offer a better investment climate and one that includes lower electricity rates.


The Coalition continues working with all three political parties in an effort to push forward its agenda.


Workplace Safety & Prevention Services

The WSPS provides industry-specific health and safety products, training and consulting services.  The Canadian Foundry Association’s Health and Safety Program and Annual Safety Awards for foundries and suppliers across Canada is a collaboration with the Workplace Safety & Prevention Services.  The WSPS has the expertise and resources and also holds webinars, network and knowledge exchanges on various topics and keeps the CFA informed of MOL issues and programs.


The Ontario Ministry of Labour Prevention Council is comprised of representatives from labour, non-union workers, employers, an occupational health and safety expert and the WSIB.  This is an important milestone for Ontario’s occupational health and safety system and the WSPS is involved with the Council. 


Issues Meeting, March 19, 2015 at the Waterfront Centre, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.


Annual Meeting, September 17, 2015 at the Waterfront Centre, Hamilton Chamber of Commerce.


For more information about all CFA programs and committees please contact:


For information about all CFA programs please contact:

Judith Arbour, Executive Director
phone:  (613) 789-4894