National Voice for the Canadian Foundry Industry
Porte-parole de l'industrie canadienne de la fonderie



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Why Become A Member
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The strength of the association comes from involvement of industry’s top management, a strong government relations program, effective committees and programs, collaboration with other organizations, and industry participation.

The CFA is the national voice for the foundry industry in Canada and a proactive issues driven association that draws on the industry’s collective resources to solve common problems.

  • Industry executive leaders and technical committees work on issues to represent your interests.
  • Governments want to work with industry associations with the ability to present strong analysis and technical data based on industry wide studies.  Lobbying efforts with politicians and senior bureaucrats are more effective when conducted on behalf of a strong  industry representation.  There is an opportunity to influence government policy. 
  • Annual Meeting and Issues Meetings. 
  • Network and exchange information with other industry leaders. 
  • Newsletters, issue status, and other relevant information distributed to members.
  • Programs to support and assist members.
  • Web Sites - Member Profiles/Canadian Company Capabilities.

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