About us: The Canadian Foundry Association

The Canadian Foundry Association was incorporated in 1975 by the leadership of Canada’s leading foundries.  It is a proactive issues driven association that draws on the industry’s collective resources to solve common problems.  The strength of the association comes from involvement of industry’s top management, a strong government relations program, effective committees and programs, collaboration with other organizations, and industry participation of foundries and suppliers.

The CFA established associate membership for foundry industry suppliers in 1988 and they are represented by the Canadian Foundry Association Suppliers Group.

The leadership by the Board of Directors, Executive Director, Executive Leaders and the Issue Committee Chairs provide the vital effort and expertise to deal with issues that have an impact on the foundry industry.

Since its incorporation, the association has had an active Environment Committee, Health & Safety Committee and Education Committee and these remain core issues and programs.

Education now comes under the Foundry Education Foundation Canada.  The foundation was established in 2006 and its mission is “To advance the Canadian metal casting industry by funding post-secondary students, supporting training and school programs, collaborating with other organizations and promoting the metal casting industry in Canada.”

our mission

To represent, promote and support Canadian foundries through strong membership engagement and effective advocacy, while upholding our 4 fundamental values:


We strive to maintain and grow our powerful member base and access to information sharing and collective resources because this gives us a stronger voice for our industry. The result: when negotiating matters of policy, we're able to create more fertile business landscapes for our industry and members.


The CFA believes in maintaining strong, strategic partnerships with influential associations in the Canadian manufacturing sector as well as other organizations. This gives us access to additional programs, resources and data, all benefits that we can then extend to our members.


We recognize that social and technological factors are always stimulating economic change and that our members' businesses are impacted. This is why we make it a goal to help our members stay informed about the innovative trends and policy shifts they need to be aware of to stay nimble and adapt in the market.

RESPONSIBILITY & Sustainability

Our industry is one of the cornerstones of society. Metal casters are inherent recyclers and use management systems and metrics to play a key role in the sustainability of natural resources. This is why we strive to help our members maintain a critical balance between their leadership in matters of health, safety and the environment and commercial productivity.