Our Board of Directors

The Association is governed by the Board of Directors comprised of industry leaders from a diverse range of foundries. The Canadian Foundry Association Suppliers Group is also represented on the Board of Directors.The Executive Director provides executive leadership, manages and directs the business affairs and operations of the Association and is the Chief Staff Officer.

Adolfo Quiroga

CFA President


Representing: Gamma Foundries

Adolfo is the President of Gamma Foundries and also serves as the President of the CFA.

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Marc Savard

CFA Vice President


Representing: Fusium

Marc is the President of Fusium, and serves as the Vice President of the CFA.

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Grant Stuempfle

CFA Treasurer


Representing: Bibby-Ste-Croix

Grant is the Technical Manager of Canada for Bibby-Ste Croix and serves as the CFA Treasurer.

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Fiona Cook

CFA Executive Director


Canadian Foundry Association

Fiona is the primary Government Relations Executive for the CFA and also serves as our Executive Director.

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Ed Hesselink

CFA Director


Representing: Cambridge Brass

Ed is the President of Cambridge Brass and also serves as a Director of the CFA.

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Thomas Leonard

CFA Director


Representing: Bibby-Ste-Croix

Thomas is the President of Bibby Ste Croix and also serves as a Director of the CFA.

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Paul Teron

CFA Director


Representing: Wabtec Foundry

Paul is the General Manager at Wabtec Foundry in Canada and also serves as a Director at CFA.

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Steve Fagan

CFASG Director


Representing: Opta Minerals

Steve is the Sales Manager at Opta Minerals and serves as a CFASG Director.

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Eric Porter

CFASG DIrector


Representing: Fairmount Minerals

Eric is the Director of Sales & Technical Service at Fairmount Minerals, and serves as CFASG Director.

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