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The CFA works hard to create a fertile business landscape for our members. Our influential leadership, strong government relations, member programs and strategic collaboration are here to support you.

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MEMBER Programs And Support

Being a CFA member lets you take advantage of the CFA's various coalition partnerships with influential government & non-profit organizations, as well as member programs, all of which are meant to help improve the financial and economic landscape for your business. When you become a CFA member, you benefit from the following 5 initiatives:

1. Canadian Industry Program for Energy Conservation
2. Canadian Manufacturing Coalition
3. Foundry Education Foundation Canada (FEF Canada) 
4. Environment Committee
5. Health and Safety Program

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"Membership in CFA provides unique access to various tools and information that helps my company stay on top of emerging trends and manage our operations using best practices."

Adolfo Quiroga --



Keeping your finger on the pulse of your industry helps you navigate the economic landscape and grow your business.

Being a CFA member means you can leverage our newsletters, reports, policy updates and other member-only correspondence to gain critical information about your industry. Because we're partnered with some of the most influential industry organizations in Canada, you directly benefit from our strategic alliances and the information that they provide.

"Our company benefits greatly from CFA membership through access to expert information and a broader connection to the metal casting industry and other manufacturers in Canada."

Steve Fagan --


Benefit from strong GOVERNMENT INFLUENCE

Governments want to work with industry associations that can present robust economic data on the back of strong industry support. The CFA boasts a powerful such member base of influential manufacturers and organizations that helps us spark policy changes to improve your business landscape.

A great, recent example of our policy influence in action, was during 2020 when we helped metal casters secure their status as essential businesses during lockdowns, saving millions in annual revenue for our members.

The economy is in a constant state of flux, always presenting challenges to manufacturers, which is why the CFA serves as the national voice for our members: to do everything in our power to keep the business landscape fertile for you.

"As a long-time member of CFA, one of the many valuable benefits to our company is knowing that we have a strong voice representing our interests to key decision leaders and policy makers."

Grant Stuempfle --


Increase your exposure to Business opportunities

Being a CFA member allows you to leverage the credibility of our organization, while simultaneously being exposed to potentially lucrative business opportunities:

The CFA is well known and respected by small, medium and large enterprises across the world, and we're regularly approached by them to suggest a good manufacturer to help them with various projects they have.

This is why the CFA has designed three new options for advanced digital profiles that members can use to increase their exposure to these potentially lucrative business opportunities that arise from people finding our website.

"As the single voice for the foundry industry in Canada, CFA membership provides exceptional value though additional exposure and reach for my company on the association website."

Paul Webber --


Improve your brand and online presence

Did you know that 80% of people research a company online before buying, and 75-94% judge your credibility and first impression by your website's design?  What's worse, 88% won't come back if their website experience was poor. The global pandemic has only amplified these trends.

This is why CFA members now also gain added value by receiving generous credits with our digital partner to help them improve their website, branding and online presence.

"A strong and evolving digital presence for associations to build engagement is more important than ever during these challenging times. Our new digital partners completely transformed our online brand and helped us better convey our true value, which is why we’re so confident they can help other organizations and companies take their brands to the next level as well."

Fiona Cook --

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